meet your metallics...

i am emerald isle - the emerald of the sea and in 1959 Johnny Cash wrote a song about me. A beauty to be seen, i am 40 shades of green and I’ll bring you luck and fortune like the town of Skibbereen.

i am azure allure - i am bluer than the sky, deeper than the ocean and can be a weapon of seduction...well, you know because i am brick, and bricks are heavy oh and multifaceted and captivating. 

i am pink brick - pretty, punk and powerful. Controversial at times, adorned by the many who dare. Be bold and brave like me, don’t be afraid…show your pink side.

i am silver pearl - i look as good as a sugar pearl tastes on a cupcake but don’t be fooled, I’ll break your teeth if you treat me wrong.

All of our London Bricks have a minimum of 3 coats of stunning metallic paint and come presented in a black gift box with a personalised poem from the artist.

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